Frustration. That’s what iVobis founder, Peter Henry, was hearing in the voices of his long-time clients. Mired in a proliferation of data, spreadsheets and pivot tables, they were frustrated by the seemingly monolithic task of implementing a usable business intelligence ‘solution’. His clients had a simple request: create an intuitive, dynamic software tool that would enable users to do ‘on-the-fly’ analysis of important business data locked in the variety of complex databases found in most companies. And make it easy to install and administer, easy to use and give it vivid graphics and robust functionality.

Peter took this request to heart. He created iVobis, an independent software company dedicated to solving the issues inherent in making business intelligence accessible to professionals across any industry. iVobis is focused on making business intelligence real for everyone, on empowering the end user, on putting the day-to-day analysis in the hands of the key business users. When users are empowered companies save time and money, make better decisions, enjoy greater success and experience a significantly lower level of frustration.

Empower your business professionals with iVobis.

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