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No More Guesswork with iCHARTER

Since the early days of business intelligence users have wrestled with certain values being represented by different colors across multiple charts. It can be thoroughly confusing to the eye when a sales region is marked blue in one chart and yellow in the next.  To conquer this, we gave iCHARTER a setting we call  “Consistent Colors”. If you want to enable this setting for charts, then the West will always be red, and Jane Smith will always be green.

Predictable color schemes are an important element of Self-Service Analysis. In terms of data discovery, it is critical that users see past the configuration and are able to connect with the data on a deeper level. In the examples that follow, we have adopted the Consistent Colors parameter as it applies to the sales process stages.













Campaign Revenue Analysis

Consistent Color is  just another way that iVobis achieves truly self-service analysis.









And finally, the last example looks at the data in a different way, but with the same comfortable color scheme.

Lead Sources













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