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Self-Service Analysis is Flexible

One of the chief complaints we hear about existing BI and reporting platforms is they are rigid. The complexity of changing what you are measuring within an existing view, makes them difficult to use.  Couple that with the cost per license, and you have another obstacle to Self-Service Analysis. We see things a little differently. We’d like everyone to take advantage of Business Intelligence, which is why we made iCHARTER easy to work with and affordable.

We have recently fielded some requests that highlight this. It prompted me to jot down some notes about how iCHARTER handles some of these scenarios.

I heard from a client that they were ready to present some information to the board, but they wanted to clean up a chart. They had some filters they wanted to hide. They wanted to change the basic layout of the chart, and they wanted to convert all the units to percentages. The chart in question contained actual activities, and goals for the same. So, we took the existing information and created the necessary units for measurement within the chart.

This is what Self-Service Analysis is all about.

This chart had a redundant filter.














So, we removed that filter. The next request was to get rid of the settings on the screen. All done with the Action Menu drop down.

Next, they wanted the chart to take up more space on the screen.












At iVobis we charge one low price for each install, regardless of the number of potential users. iCHARTER is so easy to use, you won’t need training.

Give us a call. We’ll show you.

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