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We think your reporting and business intelligence should work the way you do. You should be able to generate thought-provoking graphical analysis from any group in SalesLogix? With iCHARTER, your groups are already charted, saving you a lot of time and money. SalesLogix users already know and love working with their groups, so there is no training required. You can finally let your IT staff get back to mission critical tasks, rather than writing reports and gathering query definitions. 
Generating insightful data visualization directly from the SalesLogix database reduces the users’ reliance on IT, assures the timeliness and accuracy of the data, and provides on-the-fly analysis to support your decision-making process. Let’s say you are preparing for a weekly sales meeting. Navigate to the ‘Pipeline’ opportunity group, and click the iCHARTER launch button.
Your pipeline will appear on the screen in front of you. Of course you have the option of displaying the chart within SalesLogix or on its own tab.

iCHARTER Pipeline In SalesLogix

In addition, any of the charts you generate from the SalesLogix Groups can also be placed in your dashboards. Of course, your SalesLogix data security carries through all the charts you see.

iCHARTER Dashboard


If you have a group in SalesLogix, iCHARTER charts it. It’s that simple.

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