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The Need for Business Intelligence Tools is Universal

We are seeing a definite trend towards acknowledging/embracing Business Intelligence as a core skill or responsibility. Whether connecting on social media sites, reviewing job applicants or meeting people in business and social settings, we are struck with the increase in the number of people who identify as having some Business Intelligence inclination. We welcome this as a sign that the BI market is growing and that firms are looking for new ways to get the data discovery tools in the hands of more of their people.

This supports our notion of the increased demand for Self-Service Analysis. We have long held that everyone should have analysis at their fingertips. At iVobis, the mission is quite simple. We want more people to make better decisions in less time.

Most data discovery tools are still too complex and too rigid for wide dissemination. For most firms the cost per license stands in the way. That is why we designed iCHARTER as the sensible approach for Self-Service Analysis.

At iVobis we charge one low price for each install, regardless of the number of potential users. iCHARTER is so easy to use, you won’t need training.

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