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Self-Service By Design

At iVobis, we take Self-Service seriously. We built iCHARTERTM with a focus on the end user.  So, every decision we make considers the potential impact to ease of use and clarity.  When you are selecting analysis tools for your extended workforce, it is important to keep a fixed eye on usability and cost. Here’s a useful test for you.

Ask how much effort/knowledge it will take to generate your first chart on a topic of your choosing. Don’t accept predefined reports, as they typically do not track your business in the way you would.  If generating the charts requires training, find out how long would it take, if there are any prerequisites and how much they charge for training.

Projects Dashboard (5 minutes, start to finish)

We put this dashboard together in less than 5 minutes using nothing more than a few drop down lists in my default web browser. It really is that easy to get business intelligence started, if you have the right solution.
With iCHARTERTM, every view and table is charted instantly. You won’t need training or any help from IT. In fact, if you know the name of the table you want to chart, just type it in the end of the url for the iCHARTERTM homepage. It will come up with all system defaults selected.

Save it. Clone it. Add it to a dashboard.

Low cost, no fuss. That is what Self-Service Analysis is all about.

Ask what it will cost you now and if you were to roll it out to twice as many people. What if you added two more databases to be queried? Another useful question is how much a typical installation costs, and how much of your IT resources would be required. If they can’t get you up and running in a matter of hours, then it’s not Self-Service Analysis.

iCHARTERTM installs in less than an hour. We always charge one low price regardless of the number of potential users. It’s so easy to use, you won’t need training.  Give us a call. We’ll show you.


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