Easily Analyze Campaign Revenue Trends.

Start truly evaluating the money you’re spending on marketing campaigns with iCHARTER from iVobis. With this innovative software tool, marketing and marketing communications managers like you can better understand target markets, enhance marketing campaigns and get accurate, up-to-the-minute results on each and every marketing initiative you deliver. iCHARTER lets you track campaigns by the results they delivered, not just the number of responses you generated, how much they cost or how many responses you received. iCHARTER lets you start focusing on the key activities that are generating the fastest response, the best leads and the greatest return on your marketing investments. Let iVobis put you in the driver’s seat with up-to-the minute reports on your marketing activities, making you more efficient and effective.


With iCHARTER you can:
» Identify the campaigns that are working best with a quick look at previously products as compared to those in open opportunities
» Compare marketing lead sources by conversion in actual numbers or percentage
» Determine the level of sales rep follow up based on activity
» Identify the leads sales reps are avoiding and determine why