Actionable Knowledge at your Fingertips in Minutes.

With iVobis iCHARTER sales directors and manager can access their data assets and analyze their sales activity in less time than it takes to ask their sales team to do it. Whether drilling down into the sales pipeline, determining which opportunities remain open or assessing current production capabilities, iCHARTER delivers the clarity you need to make the best sales decisions in real time. No more waiting for the weekly report or nagging your sales team to take time away from real selling to update spreadsheets.

Opportunity Net Change

With iCHARTER you can:
» Analyze sales through any combination of filters
» Deliver rich graphical analytics across your enterprise through a secure web browser
» Drill down on any aspect of your sales continuum
» Compare and contrast sales reps or teams to assess their productivity
» Build sales dashboards for planning and forecasting at the individual, team and enterprise level
» Use the ‘Net Changes to Pipeline’ template to assess which deals are real and which are unlikely
» Use the ‘Quick Links’ function to share information with partners or customers
» Use the ‘Quarter Comparison’ function to assess product availability

Opportunity Net Change


Pipeline Funnel


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