iCHARTER for SalesLogix




Click on the image to see for yourself how easy Self-Service Analysis can be with iCHARTER.








Common sense business intelligence for SalesLogix. $1,000 annually with a 3 year subscription.

No individual user fees.

iCHARTER is Self-Service Analysis. Designed for SalesLogix, iCHARTER enables users to gain deeper insights directly from SalesLogix groups and create dashboards on the fly. This is Business Intelligence that works the way you do.  So powerful and easy-to-use, you won’t need training.  Turn your SalesLogix data into vibrant charts in one click.

iCHARTER lets you chart any group in SalesLogix with just the click of a button. Create your own dashboards in the fly.



Any questions before you sign up?
If you have questions about iCHARTER or the sign up process, just send us an email.
Do you provide technical support?
iVobis provides remote support to assist with your installation and to support you as you in your business intelligence endeavors.
What types of payment do you accept?
We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Please contact us for other payment options.
Are there per-user fees?
The price you see is it.. No additional fees.
What databases are compatible with iCHARTER for SalesLogix?
iCHARTER can connect to Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL databases.
What if we don’t like it?
iVobis offers you a twenty-one (21) day money back guarantee.


Watch the video to get an idea of the power of iCHARTER™.

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